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Brooks has been writing resumes and providing professional coaching services for more than five years. He has worked with clients in diverse fields and industries from Technology and Health Care to Finance and Banking and at all career levels from entry level to executive. His professional background before this transition was as a healthcare operations director and marketing director. Brooks holds a Bachelor’s Degree in Psychology and a Master’s Degree in Organizational Management. He also earned certificates as a Civil, Geriatric and Family Mediator helping families and groups find win/win solutions for their disputes.
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Patricia has been in the resume writing, career consulting, recruitment, and job placement industry for many years (more than she’d like to admit!). She currently manages our writing team while also lending her talents toward developing dynamic career marketing materials for a wide range of clients spanning career changers to high-level government employees. With a passion for writing, she has additionally written hundreds of Masters theses and academic research papers, specializing in the fields of business and medicine, as well as developed diverse marketing materials and business plans for private clients. She is also a published feature and essay writer. In addition to a Business Degree, she was accepted into and graduated from a well-known Non-Fiction Writing program.
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Amy began writing resumes professionally in 1996 when she was first employed as an administrative support staff member for a large Midwestern state university’s Career Services office. Prior to joining our team, she served as Lead Resume Writer / Editor for the largest executive outplacement firm in the nation and was tasked with monitoring work quality within the company’s high-volume headquarters, including personally overseeing the completion of up to 200 career marketing campaigns per week. Amy excels in resumes written for educators, healthcare professionals, sales / marketing executives, and human resource managers. She holds a Bachelor of Arts in English with a specialization in Professional and Technical Editing, as well as a Master of Science in Information Studies. As of this writing, she is also just two classes shy of attaining a Master of Arts in English where she will graduate with a 4.0 GPA as a member of Sigma Tau Delta International English Honor Society.
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Lauren has been a freelance writer and editor for several years and has lately focused on helping job seekers shape winning resumes. She spends entirely too much time reading, but in her other free time, Lauren can be found dabbling in a multitude of hobbies from knitting to flying trapeze! She enjoys traveling, meeting new people, and interacting with resume clients.
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Lori brings to the team over 15 years worth of experience in crafting thousands of winning career documents for all industries on a global scale, serving clients from entry-level college graduates to senior executives. With additional certifications in Business Writing and Human Services, her diverse background also features several published articles and 12 years of writing for a major greeting card company. She has two amazing children and a highly entertaining Jack Russell/Pug-cross named Moose.
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Roger has managed career centers for Bethlehem Steel, Pennsylvania Power & Light, U.S. Steel, Blue Cross/ Blue Shield and Warner Lambert, among others. A Magna cum Laude graduate of William Paterson University, he has extensive experience in career counseling, personality assessment and training/development. When not preparing resumes, he is a serious student of history.
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Tabia is an experienced Vocational and Career Counselor with a Bachelor of Arts degree from the University of Calgary. She has written over 500 resumes with diverse professional targets and specializes in career transition resumes. When she is not writing resumes, she is running after her two boys or just running (yes, she is one of those crazy people who run for pleasure). She is also an aspiring metal smith and jeweler who is often found in her basement workshop fabricating custom jewelry.
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Joe has been writing resumes and cover letters since 1995. He began his career with Allen and Associates, a career outplacement firm, and has also written resumes and cover letters for other major resume writing firms as well. He's unusually skilled at showcasing the very best in a job candidate's accomplishments so that their resume helps them to secure job interviews and employment. In his spare time, Joe enjoys running, attending sports events and going to concerts.
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Carolyn has been in the career services field for over eight years. Prior to that, she was a long-term employee of the Ford Motor Company in the marketing and dealer service sectors. She is a graduate of the University of Iowa, has three children and is an avid home remodeler/upgrader. An expert in English grammar and syntax, she utilizes her excellent writing skills to develop superior client resumes.
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Gabrielle has been lauded by clients as an innovative wordsmith and dynamic communicator. She offers a proven track record of successful resumes and interviews. Initially published in her early twenties, she has been writing, rewriting and editing all manner of formal, technical and creative writing for over ten years. When she is not writing for fun, she is reading....reading about writing... or tweeting what she just read!
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After spending years in operational management and HR for a major international company, Rita worked as a recruiter for a well established headhunting agency in Manhattan. She's spent the last 5 years as a resume writer and career coach, and absolutely loves it! She has written resumes for professionals in a wide range of industries, and specializes in executive and career change resumes. She holds a Bachelor's degree in English from the University of Albany, studied professional editing and writing in a post-grad program at New York University, and has completed numerous HR / recruiting / resume writing / career coaching seminars and workshops.
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Rosanne is an accomplished writer with certification in Secretarial Administration and 13+ years experience in administrative support. She has expertise writing resumes and crafting executive correspondence, manuals, and reports. Rosanne prepares effective resumes for all positions of Management, Information Technology, Engineering, Sales and Marketing, Healthcare, Public Service, and Accounting. She’s been successful writing for many others and is confident that she will be able to create a resume that will land that interview YOU desire!
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