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Why Should I Choose ResumeWritingGroup.Com ?

1. EXPERIENCE - We've written more than 80,000 resumes for 80,000 professionals in nearly a dozen countries worldwide! Our client satisfaction rate has approached 98%! Nearly all members of our team have at least 10 years of experience working as FULL-TIME professional resume writers. 

2. VARIETY OF SERVICES - In addition to resumes, we also write cover letters, thank you letters, & LinkedIn® profiles. We also provide career counseling & coaching via telephone!

3. CUSTOMER SERVICE - Without our client base and the huge volume of referrals you give us, we would not be able to SURVIVE! Our representatives are trained to go out of their way to make every client happy with their new resume. Our customer service department handles phone calls Monday-Friday from 9am - 6pm east coast time (U.S.) and our professional resume writing team responds to e-mails 7 days a week. E-mail us and you're always assured a prompt, courteous, and SATISFYING response!

4. OUR GUARANTEE - Other companies will tell you they only guarantee INTERVIEWS but that they can't be responsible for what happens with your career thereafter. In contrast, we believe you are purchasing a resume to help you GAIN EMPLOYMENT not just to get interviews. Consequently, we GUARANTEE that if you haven't worked within 45 days of sending our your new resume & following the resume distribution tips we provide at no additional charge, then we will refund its cost AND pay you $100 AND we'll revise the resume to help increase your chances of success. You must file your refund claim WITHIN 90 DAYS of original purchase and provide receipts showing that you did send out your resume to at least 40 companies. Hardly any of our clients EVER need this refund--so why take your chances with a company who can't make a guarantee anywhere close to ours? We are a FULL SERVICE CAREER GUIDANCE COMPANY - offering many coaching and job search services in addition to mere resume writing thus, our knowledge & expertise does not end with the mere indirect acquisition of job interviews for our clients...We go all the way from the resume to interview to HIRING! Even without the guarantee, we still provide you with an impressive, professional resume designed to outshine all others!

5. RATES - We offer reasonable and REALISTIC rates for our resume writing services. A typical professional resume requires an expert to review, write, and critique for at least 2-3 hours. We are the only resume writing company in the WORLD who also employs PROOFREADERS to review each resume and make additional corrections (this requires nearly 1 more hour of labor). In sum, the AVERAGE resume project requires at least 3-4 hours worth of labor. This, of course, does not include revisions, follow-up, etc. Now consider: How much would you expect someone who is an EXPERT at writing resumes to get paid per hour? $20 is the STANDARD hourly rate for certified resume writers but we pay an average of $22.50/hour to maintain a low turnover rate and a high quality expert staff. Next, figure that the average resume company pays approximately $20 in advertising to earn each customer AND has administrative costs to bear (office supplies, phones, client services, website, etc)... So how can some resume "companies" charge less than $90 for a base package..? They hire students, part-time writers, freelancers, and foreigners w/ less-than-perfect English writing capabilities for rates below $10 per hour and you, the client, SUFFER as a result. IN FACT, EVERY SINGLE WEEK, WE ARE HIRED TO RE-WRITE POOR RESUMES THAT OUR CLIENTS PURCHASED FROM "BARGAIN BASEMENT" COMPANIES!!! Look at the REAL numbers: When factoring in experience levels, cover letters, coaching services, etc; our AVERAGE client spends approximately $180 on our resume writing and career services. Our AVERAGE writer earns about $90 per project. Our AVERAGE client costs about $21 in advertising. Our AVERAGE miscellaneous cost broken down per client is $47. Consequently, our profit per client is $22. Thus, we base our profitable business model on VOLUME--and to do volume, we must offer attractive, REALISTIC rates and provide QUALITY customer service.

Also note: Once you become our customer, you'll be able -- AT YOUR OPTION -- to refer friends to our service through your client account. We'll refund $20 to your credit card for EACH person who orders a resume from us based on your referrals. If the sum of your credits becomes greater than the amount you spent on YOUR resume, we'll mail you a check for the difference. There is NO LIMIT to how much you can earn!

6. CONFIDENTIALITY - We will never return a call to your job or to your home and state the purpose of our call. We understand that you don't always want others to know that you are pondering a career move. Additionally, any information you submit to us is kept 100% confidential is neither shared nor distributed in any way EVER. (In contrast, some of the more fly-by-night resume writing companies who charge too little to pay REAL writers...are KNOWN to try to increase their revenue by selling their clients' information to marketing lists -- that will NEVER happen here!)

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