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First...Select The Type Of Resume
That Best Suits You...

(If you're not sure, then just choose "Purchase A Professional Resume" and if it needs to be changed, we'll let you know before we begin.)

Purchase A Student Or
Entry-Level Resume - $99

If your TOTAL WORK EXPERIENCE is non-existent or only limited to a few general jobs you had while a student, then select THIS service. 
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Purchase A
Professional Resume - $149

Nearly all clients fall into the "professional resume" category. It applies to anyone who isn't pursuing a government job, an executive position, or entry-level work. If you're not sure, go ahead and select this one for now. Our writing team will let you know if it needs to change! 
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Purchase An
Executive Resume - $199

For upper management, career executives, and also for those with unusually lengthy histories (i.e. more than 5 pages of info for us to review) 
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Purchase A
Federal Government
or Military Resume - $189

Choose this option if we'll be writing a Government/Federal Resume, Military Resume, or a series of KSA responses for you.  
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If You're Not Employed
Within 45 Days Of Distributing
Your New Resume & Following Our Advice,
We'll Refund Your Money...
We'll Revise Your Resume...
AND... We'll Award You $100!
We're THAT Good!

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